Jen Selter on the plane hip selfie

The model Jen Selter, who has millions of followers in Instagram and is famous for his thighs, was warned by the crew when he got up to take a selfie on the plane

Jen Selter, model of the Instagram’s belfie (hip selfie), was knocked over from the end of a pre-flight debate with American Airlines.

The Selter was warned by hostesses that he would stand up to take the hip selfiesi, but he did not mind the warning to sit down. The beautiful model responding sarcastically to the warning that the crew had settled down was downloaded from the street in the presence of the called police.

When the 24-year-old social media star was downloaded from 5 different policemen, this caused the flight to be delayed by 90 minutes. After the crew spoke with the pilot, Selter, who was downloaded from the air, recorded the incident with his cell phone.

On January 27, the model talking about the incident on the New York flight said, “I’m not a confrontational person.” While Selter was flying from the side, there was also his sister. Famous for hip self-titles called Belfie, Instagram has close to 12 million followers.


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