Amber Rose announces from Instagram about his renovated breasts

Amber Rose continues to share after breast surgery from his home in California. Amber Rose made a statement about the new breasts that had shrunk the day we passed.

Amber Rose, who posted a video on Instagram Stories, shared his new look with his followers. Your chest metrics are now D Cup:

“In the old days my breasts were very big, but now the D Cup is very ideal for me, look how small they are …”

The previous stars of the sexy star are the H Cup. Amber Rose has been on the agenda of the world with this photo given on the red carpet.

Amber Rose was never shy when she showed her curves. Rose was with Kanye West in 2008. The relationship lasted two years.

Amber Rose has a 4-year-old son named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. Rose had previously married Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa celebrated their decision in a strip club in Los Angeles after the divorce. Amber Rose paid $ 1 million in damages after divorce and about $ 15,000 a month for his son’s care.

Amber Rose made a statement after he got divorced. Rose said that the marriage is difficult; “In fact, we still love each other. But after that, we will help each other as parents and we will resolve how to stay friends. she added:


“I will not be a woman anymore because I am my mother?” I’m so tired of saying that I’m not with every man you see everywhere I am, and now I’m alone, now I’m going to do what I want.

Amber Rose comes out with rapper 21 Savage. Rose had previously offered a television program called the Amber Rose Show.

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