Game of Thrones’s Arya Stark gave a date for the 8th season

After HBO announced that Game of Thrones’ 8th season would be released in 2019, the directory Arya Stark gave Maisie Williams the full date for the new season in his interview for his new film Early Man

The 20-year-old young actress used the phrases “We are planning to finish the production in December and release the first episode of the new season in April 2019”.

Maisie Williams, stressing that they do not want to hurl, said, “There will be many, if not most, important things to do in the final festival: we owe a lot to my fans, and we do everything we can to make the new season great and satisfy everybody watching.”

Williams, who also commented on Arya’s fate in the story, said, “I always wanted him to be in peace.” All the elements that led to Arya’s story were painful and hard today, and I hope his character will someday be resolved.

Williams has announced that in the past days his bridegroom will be at the wedding of his roommate Sophie Turner.

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