Ashley Graham on the beach with big body friends

The big body model Ashley Graham was shown with his friends the day before in Miami. There was plenty of photographer Ashley Graham officially enthralling Instagram followers.

Ashley Graham is the first big body model in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit catalog.


The star model now brings back dazzling photos back online.

Ashley Graham admired his fans again with the bikini photos he had put into his Instagram account.

One of the photographs Ashley Graham puts on Instagram is a 28-year-old friend and activist with T Ortiz.

The two friends enjoyed the wonderful sunshine all day long.

Ashley Graham shares another photo with Tabriz Majors, a 27-year-old who once again is one of the great body-masters.

Ashley Graham explained that the campaign he was working on 12 years ago was in the process of being photographed by a photography assistant.

Ashley Graham said in an interview with Glamor Magazine, “The photo assistant told me not to follow him and I went after it because he thought he was going to show something about the job, but he suddenly pulled out his sexual organ and said, ‘Hold it’ and I shout ‘No, this is disgusting.’ I was very scared. ” was found in the description.

Ashley Graham had previously confessed that she had never married until her marriage was married, with her husband married seven years earlier.


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