These words are widely spoken, ‘With Ronaldo and the kissing Neymar …’

Alessandra Ambrosio, like Adriana Lima, who lives in love with Metin Hara, is both a Brazilian and an angel. Alessandra Ambrosio, now a senior Victoria’s Secret model, is 36 years old but does not lose anything from her form. I know footballer model love. Each and every one of them always pass names with each other. But this does not apply to Ambrosio because he is married. Jamie Mazur has a daughter and a son of the beautiful model who married in 2008 and her marriage continues at full speed. However, the magical reporters continue to sweat him with football questions.

World famous footballers Brazilian Neymar and Portuguese Ronaldo. The world famous model Alessandra Ambrosio, on the questions. He had confessions for Neymar and Ronaldo.

“I’m kissing Ronaldo, I’m sending him kisses,” said the Brazilian model who said he liked Cristiano Ronaldo very much.

Ambrosio also noted that Neymar was a close friend; “” My marriage to Neymar is someone I admire, “she said.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Alessandra Ambrosio, Brazilian topmodel born in 1981. Ambrosio, a model for brands like Guess, Victoria’s Secret and Next, has gained fame all over the world, starting each year in December with the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand showing off its defenses.

Alessandra Ambrosio arrived in the world on April 11, 1981 in Erexim, a small town in Brazil. It comes from the Polish and Italian descent and has a sister named Aline. The model, who was not happy with his looks when he was small, put his ears in surgery when he was 11 years old. Ambrosio, who was usually very young, attended the beauty contest organized by the Elite Model Agency in 1996. Despite not being able to enter a degree here, a year after the competition he signed the Elite Agency.

The first important work that the model undertook was posing for Elle Magazine’s Brazilian print. His reputation began to increase gradually and in 2000, the brand “Guess?” Decided to use the model to promote the fall collection. Ambrosio then began working for the Revlon brand, and in 2000 he took the most important step in his career and started working with Victoria’s Secret. The famous “Pirelli Calendar” also took place in nde.


She first appeared in 2000 with the Victoria’s Secret brand’s most-anticipated defilements in many countries around the world, and since then has been working for this brand. In 2004, Victoria’s Secret Pink became the first model of the collection. In the year of 2005, she wore podium as she wore underwear made entirely of sugar.

Alessandra Ambrosio now lives in New York. Among them, Barbie dolls, piano playing, music, sunglasses, skating and surfing are among their passions. The most popular designs belong to Dolce & Gabbana. Some members of his family are on his way. There’s piercing on your belly. He loves Polish, Japanese and Thai cuisine. His favorite series are “24”, his favorite books are “Da Vinci Cipher”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Brida”, his favorite musicians and groups are Nirvana, Pearl Jam, INXS, Ben Harper, Jack Jackson. Favorite movies are “Stolen Beauty”, “Kama Sutra” and “Killer Doganlar”. He is not satisfied with the aesthetic surgery he performed on his ears when he was young, so he says he is afraid of aesthetic opera. The most favorite place on Earth is the small town where he lived. The model also has a small role as a sexy tennis player in James Bond’s latest film Casino Royal. It’s 1.78 meters long. Giselle Bündchen is just one of the models that has made its way in the name of Brazilian fashioners in the 1990s and has gained the reputation all over the world.

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