Rumor that shook the magazine’s agenda! Kylie Jenner gave birth to a child from her husband’s elder sister !

In the days when we passed the third child, Kim Kardashian, who took her lap, fell down like a bomb on the agenda claiming she used her brother Kylie Jenner as a carrier mother.

The third children of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West of the USA, the carrier mother of the couple came to the world in the past. The couple brought Kylie Jenner, who explains that she was pregnant on the same dates after her children were born. Because Jenner is talking about Kim Kardashian’s carrier mother.

The Kardashian family, renowned worldwide for its ‘reality show’ program called ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, succeeds in coming to terms with every move. The family that has been showing their lifestyles and turbulent lives for eleven years has recently been talking to Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who have been coming to the world from their mother Kris Jenner. Although the Jenner family spoke with Caitlyn Jenner, whose father was a gender-changing woman in 2015, her two daughters have always been on the agenda of the world press. Kylie Jenner, the little girl of the family, is perhaps the most outspoken. Kylie, who exemplifies his great ablations, is beginning to release a bomb to the world press with every move.

Kylie was recently on the agenda with her pregnancy news. Kylie Jenner, a 20-year-old happy rapper with US rap artist Travis Scott, said she was pregnant in September. The fact that Jenner, who has managed to conceal his belly since the day, has always been debated on the magazine’s agenda. It was even talked that Kylie was not his own baby but that he was the mother of his sister Kim Kardashian.

Similarly, Kim Kardashian, who is 37 years old, explains that she is pregnant for her third child in September, and she has spent her pregnancy with her mother because she is a placenta mentor.

If Kylie is still expecting to complete her pregnancy and still give birth, she still poses for her pose, and if Kim’s third child is not a girl other than Chicago West, then one question raises: Is Kylie Jenner the bearer of Kim Kardashan?

There was no explanation from the family members about the big echo issue. This strengthens the validity of the claims.

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