Emma could not speak!

Winners of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, which the Filmmakers’ Association has released annually in the US, have been announced. Emma Stone, who won the ‘Best Actress’ award, was forced to speak excitedly.


The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, which the Filmmakers’ Association announces every year in the US, found its owners this year. Previous night in Los Angeles, Denzel Washington, Emma Stone and the Hidden Figures filmmakers gathered great prizes. After all the “very white” criticism of the Oscar ceremony last year, it was seen that the Film Actors’ Union, like all the rewarding authorities, was careful not to discriminate against whites. Many of the grand prizes went to black candidates.

Emma Stone, who won almost all the women’s awards in 2016 for her musical production ‘La La Land’, won the ‘Best Actress’ award at the SAG Awards. Stone, surprised to receive the award, could not get along for a while. It was difficult to say thank you.


‘Orange is the New Black’, the winner of ‘TV Comedy Series Best Actress’ award …

‘Best Actor’ award ‘Fences’ with Denzel Washington

‘Stranger Things’, which was voted ‘The Best Drama Team of the TV Drama Series’, was worth seeing.

Other award winners are as follows:

Best Supporting Actress

Viola Davis, Fences
Best Supporting Actor
Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
Best Team Performance
Hidden Figures
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