Blanca Blanco in the Golden Globe, where everyone dressed in black, wore a red deep slit dress!

At the 75th Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, everyone was wearing black against the Hollywood harassment scandal. A single player Blanca Blanco preferred red deep slit dress.


The 75th Golden Globe Awards (Golden Globe Awards of 2018), considered to be news reports of the Oscar Awards, found their owners in a magnificent ceremony held in Beverly Hills on January 8th. In the ceremony attended by some of the most famous names in the Hollywood world, Blanca Blanco’s deep slit dress attracted attention.


Blanca Blanco, a 36-year-old actor known for his brave outfit selections, did not attend a protest for sexual harassment in Hollywood. In the night when everyone dressed in black, Blanca flashed in the night, choosing a red dress. The beautiful actor is a deep tear-dropper and breathless.



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