Rihanna’s bruised style !

Rihanna, the famous singer who shows socks from a social media account, is not just socks, but interesting style as well.

The world famous singer Rihanna shared the $ 1200 Gucci socks from the social media account the day we passed. The sharing is one of the most talked-about topics in the country.


Although many people write that Rihanna imitates other fame, Rihanna draws attention with socks she has worn for many years. And many of them belong to the Gucci brand …

In addition, the famous singer’s stocking combine was called “rush”. Those who closely follow Rihanna know that he is always attracting millions in interesting style.


A few years ago, though he remained steady, he had a more feminine style. However, the last couple of years, since we started to gain weight, we have come up with many designs that will bleed our eyes as much as we come to Gucci socks. Here are some of them.

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