Her mother is dying of fear with that g-string bikini !

Lionel Richie said she was worried that her daughter, Sofia, was sexually addicted. Sofia made a show with her tangled bikinis without listening to her mother’s words.

Sofia Richie, the daughter of US singer Lionel Richie, continues her relationship with the Kardashian family’s former husband-in-law, Scott Disick, without slowing down.


Sofia, which is displayed solely on the beach in Miami, has enjoyed the sea without worrying about the words of her mother, “I am afraid my daughter is depressed by her sexual intercourse.”

Sofia Richie, a 19-year-old woman who turned her eyes after her mother’s description of “My daughter is in love with her sexual intercourse addiction, I am afraid”, appeared in white-thong bikinis in the coasts.


Richie walked on the beach for a while to enjoy the sun, then jet-riding to enjoy the sea.

Sofia Richie, a 19-year-old who does not hesitate to exhibit his perfect physique, succeeded in attracting attention with his worn-out bikini.

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