Taylor Swift fans react to Kim Kardashian !

It happened in the event of Kim sharing Kardashian’s wife Kanye West’s instagram account with a photo of the exhibit named ‘Famous’. Taylor Swift fans kept Kardashian’s share in the comments.


Taylor Swift also had a clip on Kanye West’s “Famous” clip that they liked, their enemies and their ex-lovers were naked on the same bed.

West has also opened an exhibition held in the same temples with sculptures made by wax. Swift’s fans went crazy when Kim did the ‘throwback’ on the instagram last year when he was touring the show. Under the photo, mouse emojis, “Snake kills rats and eat them” comments were made.


At the 2009 MTV Music Awards ceremony, Kanye West created a scandal by saying, “I should have received the Beyonce Award,” cutting off Taylor Swift’s speech on the stage to get the award.

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