Fergie: I have lost my connection with life

Fergie said that when she was using drugs she came to a situation where she could not imagine the truth. She said, “I was disconnected from my life,

Famous singer Fergie spoke to the British newspaper I newspaper about his new life, his physical and psychological damage caused by the drugs used for many years


Fergie, who had a son from an eight-year marriage, said he was very busy with his new album, and Duhamel has never left his children alone.

“We still get along well,” said the singer, who indicated that they had made their way through their hands for the tiny Axl. At the end of the 1990s, when he was a member of a girl group called the Wild Orchid, Fergie, who met with drugs, made the following explanations:



“Because of this chemical, I could not live between truth and imagination. My connection with life was gone, and I was headed to my desk. I was constantly seeing hallucinations, suddenly an individual bee or rabbit emerged. The effect in my brain was only a year after I left. “

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