The secrets of Cindy Crawford’s fitness !

The world famous model Cindy Crawford, who marked a turning point, declared that the yearly defiant form owed to the tramp jumping and regular sleep.

Cindy Crawford, one of the indispensable names in the fashion world, told about beauty secrets.



Despite his moderation, the 51-year-old star, who recently appeared in the Versace sculpture, said he was in a good shape thanks to a special drink mix and trampoline exercise, according to Sabah. Here are the headlines from Crawford’s explanations …


“I live on the shore of Malibu and start sunshine outdoors in the jacuzzi.” I watch every morning sun rise over the ocean, and when I go out to the jacuzzin, I absolutely drink green tea. ”

“Most days of the week I make myself a special smoothie at home, I put almond milk, banana, spinach, peppermint, some cocoa and protein dust in it.



As cardio I sometimes jump on the trampoline, run and go up and down the stairs. When you jump in a trampoline for 10 minutes at least three days a week, you realize that you are making a lot of effort and stiffness to stand in balance. I go out on a nature walk once a week. ”


“As I get older, my skin, hair, body changes, I look good on my own, but I am also aware that I am 51. Even in the morning, the traces of my pillow track in the morning are longer than my daughter Kaia, even if she swims on her face swollen in 15 minutes. “I get up at 06.00 in the morning but I think I might have to wait until 09.00 to take a closer look at me.”


“I started doing sports when I was 20 and I started to look good on my skin when I got to 28. I was fortunate to be a part of my work, to do exercises, skin care, etc. I was supposed to diet food and then I learned that my body needs less bread and pasta Then I adopted a diet of salads, a piece of salmon and vegetables. ”

My daughter Kaia grew up seeing how I slept early and how my skin looked. That’s why I do not have much advice on modeling.

It is important; As a famous model sometimes everyone touches you during the day. You need a day where no one touched you. You have to make up your makeup, wear your sweatshirt and move away from the world of glamor fashion for a few hours. It will be good if you get away from the abnormal interest in your area. ”


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