Scott Disick’s and Sofia Richie’s love continues !

Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend and his children’s father, Scott Disick, have been shown lips lap on holiday with Sofia Richie, the close friend of the Kardashian / Jenner family, and this news has become a bomb on the magazine’s agenda. The couple is full of love.

The couple was shown in Miami yesterday.
Lionel Richie’s daughter, the young model and Disick spent all day at a hotel. The couple then sunned, ate and drank seven.


The famous model succeeded in attracting all attention with its red bikini. The two have always denied their relationship until the last days of September. Sofia Richie was with Justin Bieber before.

Famous singer Lionel Richie said that the relationship with Scott Disick, who described her daughter Sofia Richie as a sex addict, “scared her to death”.


Richie, a 68-year-old picker of the American Idol contest at the time, is not warming up with her little girl Sofia Richie and 34-year-old Scott Disick.
Disick, who has three children with Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia and the Kardashian family Kourtney, who has been in her relationship for many years, has been together since this summer.

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