Heidi Klum, Famous Brand Challenge With $ 20 New Year’s Eve

The German model Heidi Klum challenged the famous brand by wearing a glittering mini dress costing $ 20 in the You magazine shootings.

Heidi Klum, who is one of the most winning models in the world, surprised everybody with his favorite dress this time. The famous top model wore a glittering mini dress with a price of $ 20 for You.

The German model Heidi Klum challenged luxury brands with a twenty dollar shiny dress sold at discount stores.


Golden yellow dress; The discount marketplace chain in Germany is sold in Lidl. 4-year-old mother of four 44-year-old Klum, a collection of 10 thousand stores in the supermarket chain produced a collection.

The famous model, which designs clothes, skirts and blouses with prices below $ 30, explains the shocking surprise of the fashion world: “Someone told me, ‘Okay, the collection you made is fun, but when are you going to make real designs?’ I was very surprised and said, ‘This is the truth, every real woman, real clothes … The bloomers are not real, why should I design pieces that cost thousands of dollars and only 10 women can wear?’ I said.”


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