Tom Hanks Says “The harassment did not surprise me!”

US actor Tom Hanks has stated that he might be back on this issue, indicating that the harassment incidents that shocked Hollywood did not surprise him.

Tom Hanks, who spoke to the Hollywood Reporter, noted that many people have entered the movie industry to make a living, but some have entered only the strongest sectors.


The actor who is 61 years old, especially when he is involved in the harassment of the people who abuse the power in the sector, has a lot of reasons why people make this work as a source of livelihood. there are some bad things in film making, there are some people who go in because they misunderstand the power, and when they feel most powerful – that’s why they are already in this business – then they start hanging on the people underneath. ” said.

“It’s never too late to learn new behaviors, and it’s the responsibility of everyone who wants to comply with professional ethical codes,” said the US star, who said that Hollywood might be back on the issue.

Starting with Hollywood, Producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey, director Brett Rattner and comedian Louis C. K. continues to be shaken by the scandals that have come to face many names.

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