Where is that old Rihanna !

In the city where Rihanna grew up, a street was named. St. Grammy awarded Rihanna’s childhood in the region passed. Michael Street was renamed Rihanna Drive.His beautiful song has not escaped from the very happiest eyes in the ceremony. Another point that escaped the attention was the extra pounds that Rihanna could not afford.


The famous singer Rihanna, who looked carefully at everyone in a very formless way until a short while ago, literally “shook” her calf in the past year. This situation led to the beginning of the question about the singer “Is she pregnant”? But it did not happen in a while.It was later alleged that Rihanna was caught in an unknown illness and suddenly gained weight because of the medication he was using. But Rihanna never responded to these rumors.


In particular, the main agenda item of publications and internet sites for women is Rihanna’s pounds. Because, according to many people, the celebrity singer’s weight gain is a refutation of the ideal of “beautiful woman weaker feminine” imposed on women through the show world. Rihanna lost weight but she is still among the most beautiful women in the world.Rihanna’s extra pounds, especially concentrated in the waist region, have recently become a symbol of the understanding that “women can love and be happy with their body as much as they are, or even look very beautiful,” as a result of big body models like Ashley Graham.



When a celebrity gaining weight gains weight in the headlines such as “we are depressed” or “pregnant”, when we lose weight, it is very uncomfortable for women associations to defend the idea of “not being a metaphor and not being measured by beauty or value” he was.Rihanna’s weight gain is often exemplified by supporters of “physical positivism”, which is usually wearing plenty of clothes, but still wearing bikinis and enjoying the pleasure of life, despite the cumulative weight in the body.Apparently, Rihanna’s pounds have become a new symbol of the “love yourself as you” campaign, which has dominated the fashion world in recent years.

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