Kylie Jenner wants it, but Travis Scott is not very willing!

Kylie Jenner’s only request is to raise her baby in the same house as Travis Scott. Kylie has been pregnant for almost eight months and reports that she will have a baby girl by the end of June. The famous star now lives in his Los Angeles home. Travis Scott lives a bachelor life elsewhere in California.

A source close to Kylie Jenner said she wanted to move to the same house as Kylie’s rap singer Travis. Jenner wants Scott to be a real father, to change the baby’s beard, to wake up to feed the baby in the middle of the night, and to be with the baby during important days.

Kylie’s friend said, “Kylie wants Travis to work with her and stop her when she gets there.” At midnight she knows that she needs help with changing cloths and feeding babies, so the nights are begging to stay with her.

Travis is working hard for his career, so he seems reluctant to do anything at the moment, but Kylie is very persuasive. Kylie thinks it’s important that Travis establish a strong bond with the child, so she will not give up on her desire to move into the same house with her.



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