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Today, bragging about IQ has become a reference. There are interesting researches in this regard. Did you know, for example, that many Hollywood stars have IQ as high as almost scientists? We have compiled some of the names of the brilliant gifted famous names according to their scientific measurements.

It’s because of the French psychologist Alfred Binet, who created the world’s first intelligence test! Binet made his first intelligence test in France in 1904 under the name IQ test. The aim was to distinguish the children who were in normal and inadequate level from the intellectual point of view. But the test was so popular that it was used as a decisive unit for many intelligent people, from scientists to chess masters.

arnoldschwarzenegger 135 IQ
ashton 160 IQ
madonna 140 IQ
jodiefoster,132 IQ

Of course, IQ grade was also a reference to brag. For example, did you know that many Hollywood stars have as high an IQ as scientists? If famous stars did not make a career in this area, perhaps we will read their names in scientific articles and hear them through discoveries.

The IQ of the British cosmologist Stephen William Hawking, one of the most prominent living scientists, is 160. The highest level of IQ measured to date is 210 by Korean physicist Kim Ung-yong. German physicist Albert Einstein had 160 IQs. Those with an IQ of 91 to 110 are considered to have normal intelligence. Advanced intelligence between 111 and 125, superior intelligence between 126 and 140, and isle between 140 and 155 are considered to be superior intelligence.


EmmaWatson 138 IQ
nicolekidman 132 IQ
Shakira 140 IQ
SharonStone 154 IQ
tarantino 160 IQ
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