Justin Bieber’s guard were arrested by two police officers!

Justin Bieber’s 32-year-old security chief, Michael Arana, headed to the wheel with alcohol at 02.30 last night. Arana injured two police officers who lost control of the steering while driving.


Justin Bieber, the world famous star who has been busy with the recent press release of Selena Gomez and the magazine press, is in trouble with the guards. Michael Arana, Bieber’s security chief, used his alcoholic vehicle to hit the police car and hurt two police officers. The accident The southern part of Miami has been crowned in West Kendall. The police officers who were raised to the hospital were discharged after the treatment was completed. But Michael, 32, was arrested today for DUI crime. Micheal was shown in 2014 with Justin Bieber out of jail in Miami. At that time Bieber was found guilty and had to make a donation of $ 50,000 for the DUI crime.

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