Jay Z confesses that his wife has deceived Beyonce for years !

Singer Beyonce’s husband, singer Jay Z, explained that Beyonce had been deceived and divorced for nine years.

In the first months of the year that we left behind, there were reports that the wife of singer Jay Z was cheating the singer Beyonce, but the parties were not over it. A year after the expected explanation about the issue of smoke does not emerge from the place without fire, Jay came from Z. Z explained his wife had been cheating for a long time. Rap singer Jay Z used the following statements to explain to the New York Times:



“I had loyalty problems in my relationship because of the injuries I had in my past. What do you do when you enter survival mode? You close all your feelings. Even against women … It is not possible for you to be connected to one emotionally closed. It is a very deep process from my point of view … And then everything starts to come to fruition, like infidelity … You know, most people go away and the probability of people getting divorced is 50 percent. But the hardest thing is; that you see someone on the face of you suffering and that you must face yourself. ”

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